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May Trip to Zion National Park


Trip dates - May 10 to 14

This bus trip will include various options for backpacking and also base camping with day hikes in Zion.  

The backpack outings will be in less crowded areas of the park offering seclusion and serenity. 

The base camp day hikes will explore the myriad of trails in Zion Valley and participants will have easy access to amenities, restaurants and the cute village of Springdale, UT. 

Participants on trips 1 and 2 will have the option of a day trip to Bryce Canyon on May 12th.


Trip Summaries


Trip #1 – Easier to moderate day hikes in Zion (Ldr: Pauline Jimenez)

We will stay in base camp in Zion. Hikes will be easy to moderate day hiles in the main Zion Canyon. You

will also have the option of joining for the day trip to Bryce National Park on May 12th. 


Trip #2 – Moderate to hard day hikes in Zion (Ldr: Jennifer Hyde)

We will stay in base camp in Zion. Hikes will be moderate to hard day hikes in the main Zion Canyon. Possible day hikes may include the East Rim Trail, West Rim trail, Angel's landing, Observation point etc. You will also have the option of joining for the day trip to Bryce National Park on May 12th. 


Trip #3 – East Mesa backpack (Ldr: Veronica Giancola)

This trip will start near the Eastern entrance of Zion. Day 1 will have us backpacking in about 6 miles and finding a nice base campsite on the east rim (6 miles). Day 2 will feature day hikes to cable mountain lookout - expect jaw dropping views of Zion canyon from here. Day 3, we'll backpack out to the main canyon with optional hike to Observation point for some added adventure!


Trip #4 –La Verkin Trail backpack (Ldr - Michael Taylor)  

Trans Zion Trek /La Verkin Creek - This trip is the first leg of the famous Trans Zion Trek. After leaving the Zion base camp In the morning we will set out on a moderate 2 night backpack and return to the bus base camp on Sunday to spend the afternoon in the Park at your leisure. We will travel along the Sublime Hop Valley Trail and through the picturesque valley of La Verkin Creek, offering amazing views of the surrounding cliffs. We will spend 2 nights in the La Verkin Creek/Kolob Canyon area. Exploratory day hikes can include the Kolob Arch; possibly the world's largest free standing arch and Beartrap Canyon and Falls featuring tight walls and a wonderful 30 foot high waterfall and alcove.  Afterwards we return to the Zion base camp for the night. 2 nights at Zion basecamp, 2 night backpack doing 3-7 mile/day backpack. Elevation change 950 feet with backpacks. This is a through backpack with 13 total miles. Day hikes are optional (5 miles).




Trip #5 – West Rim Trail backpack (Leader: Dan Girard)

We will be exploring some of the best views Zion has to offer on the West Rim Trail. Starting from the Grotto trailhead in Zion's main canyon we will ascend about 8 miles and 3500 feet, taking in amazing views of the main canyon along the way. We will hike through the playfully named "Walter's Wiggles," and pass right by the famous Angel's Landing, known for its harrowing 2000 foot drop-off on both sides of the narrow trail. This will be an optional side trip for the brave souls not scared of heights! Continuing on to the top of the West Rim, we will break away from the main canyon and be rewarded by views of other, equally majestic side canyons in an array of hues. Day 2 we will explore further along the West Rim, soaking in even more views from various vantage points along this spectacular mesa. Dayhike day 2 from 10-14 miles round trip with up to 1000 feet of gain/loss. Day 3 will be the reverse of day 1, ending back in the main canyon. The last evening in the main canyon and the following morning before departure will be open for some other group adventures in the main canyon, or individual excursions on your own. *Knee Alert* This trail has a very long stretch of punishing downhill on essentially rock/pavement on the last day. Not for those with bad knees.  


Rating:  H14E

Cost: $245

Registration opens:  April 1, 2017 6:00am

Pre-Trip Meeting: April 25th @ 6.30pm to 8pm

Bus Departure time: Wednesday May 10th @ 11am (subject to change)

For more info, questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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