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Sedona Bus Trip 2022


Come enjoy Sedona in the Fall! Join us as we explore this beautiful red rock country in Arizona. Sedona is home to unique rock formations, land bridges, and great trails. We'll enjoy three days of hiking, campfires, starry nights, and good company. This is a base camp trip, and we will stay four nights at the Cave Springs Campground. Four leaders, and their assistants, will lead hikes of varying difficulty. You will be able to choose which hike you would like to do each day. Hike details are described below. We look forward to having you join us!

Here is a unique camping trip in Sedona, Arizona! We will ride a chartered, air-conditioned bus to the Cave Creek Campground (a developed campground with water, fire pits, tables, vault toilets and showers). This tent-camping trip is for adults only who are in good health. Participants must provide their own meals and camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.). Upon registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and information about the pre-trip zoom to meet your leaders and ask questions (highly recommended for first-timers). A hand-out will also be available with suggestions about what to pack, weather, safety tips, etc.

Visit our Trip Rating System to determine which Day Hike is right for you. 

Type: Bus Camping Trip – Cave Springs Campground
Trip Rating: Easy, Moderate, & Hard Day Hikes 
Leaders:  Karen Nelson, Kris Watkin, Lynn Nebus, Mike Fry, Margaret Elizondo, Michael Taylor,  Bonnie Ferri

All hikes may be altered due to leader discretion, group interest, weather, and other factors. Day hikes are limited to 15 participants (including leaders). For most hikes, transportation to and from the trail head is provided by our bus.  For accessibility reasons, some hikes will have transportation provided by car or on foot. We will organize our hikes for the optimal drop off/pick up for each group.

Each day, your leaders will offer some fascinating hiking adventures of varying difficulty levels. Since these will be on a space-available basis, sign-ups will be announced at the campground on the evening before the hike.



Leader: Karen Nelson 
Assistant Leader: Bonnie Ferri

MESCAL/LONG CANYON LOOP WITH LONG CANYON EXTENSION (M8B) This hike has a combination of big scenic panoramas and close up views of red rock formations. The hike begins along the base of Mescal Mountain, crossing via Deadman’s Pass Trail, and connecting up with Long Canyon. We will continue up Long Canyon where we will see mountains, cliffs, spires, windows, and arches. The “end” point is a red sandstone cliff, where we hope to find a few small Indian ruins and some primitive rock pictographs. We return down Long Canyon to our trailhead.

Leader: Lynn Nebus
Assistant Leader: Michael Taylor
BOYNTON CANYON (M7B) 6.4 miles, 850' gain/loss
Many Sedona visitors come to check out the vortexes, centers of natural electromagnetic earth energy, so this hike is for anyone interested in a vortex experience. Our hike takes us past two tall vortex rock formations. We can stay awhile and soak up the energy! We'll travel through a narrow rocky trail,and If we can find the Subway Cave without too much difficulty, we will explore that as well. If not, we will head past some ruins high up on the cliffs, then head into the woods.  We are in Sedona at the right time to see some fall colors! This out and back trail ends in a box canyon at the base of Secret Mountain

Leader: Kris Watkin
Assistant Leader: Margaret Elizondo

A one-way hike starting near Cathedral rock. We climb the rock to the viewing outpost, and then descend partway. At this point we will head
cross-country to catch the trail on the south side of Cathedral rock to head towards Bell rock.  We will cross the highway to climb Bell rock (partway). Then we will descend to traverse around the Courthouse Butte Monument. We finish in Oak Creek where we will enjoy a restaurant or some shopping while waiting for our bus ride back to the campsite.

Leader: Mike Fry 
Assistant Leader: TBD

Beginning at Cathedral rock, meandering past several red rock monuments and ending up at the best pizza place in Oak Creek.


FRIDAY -  Evening in Sedona

Leader: Karen Nelson 
Assistant Leader: Bonnie Ferri
(E6B) The West Fork is an easy but extremely popular hike. We will cross Oak Creek on a footbridge, and follow the West Fork Trail south to the mouth of the West Fork canyon, where the trail turns right (west) and enters this most impressive gorge. Soon we will leave the sounds of the busy highway behind and be able to hear the pleasant murmur of the creek and whisper of the wind in the trees. Buttresses of Coconino Sandstone tower on the left, while the canyon floor is filled with a tall ponderosa pine and Douglas fir forest. The trail crosses the creek several times, ending about 3 miles up the canyon, where we turn around and return the way we came. Since this hike is near our camp, we will shuttle by car to and from our trailhead.

Leader: Lynn Nebus
Assistant Leader: Michael Taylor

For this point-to-point trip, we will hike to the top of a beautiful mesa, then down past several Sedona landmarks with red rock views all around. We'll start out with a view of Cibola's mitten, then a fairly steep climb up to Brins Mesa with gorgeous views in every direction. We'll visit the Seven Sacred Pools which contain water most of the year, and then Devils Kitchen, a very large sink hole, before ending our hike at the Soldier Pass trailhead. Based on participant interest and fitness, we have the option to take a .3 mile spur trail (0.6 mi RT) to a cave with more amazing views nearby. Some parts of the trail are rocky and steep, yet well worth the effort!


Leader: Kris Watkin
Assistant Leader: Margaret Elizondo
- (H9B)
A one way hike that ends in Sedona, with some cross-country hiking.  We first head to Devil's bridge and get some photos of this formation (expect a line). Then we embark cross-country towards the Soldier Pass trail. We will take a detour to explore Soldier Pass Cave, and then visit some other busy locations, the Seven Sacred Pools, Devils Kitchen enroute to Sedona.  We will finish by finding a restaurant to celebrate another beautiful hike.

Leader: Mike Fry 
Assistant Leader: TBD

Scenic vistas can be enjoyed south into Sedona and north into the wilderness and the red cliffs of the Mogollon Rim. May include a visit to the Devils Kitchen sinkhole, the "Seven Sacred Pools", Devil’s Bridge and other sights, ending at Soldiers Pass Trailhead for the bus pickup to Sedona.

SATURDAY Evening in Cave Springs Campground

Leader: Karen Nelson 
Assistant Leader: Bonnie Ferri
L (M6B) These are two short hikes that are so close together that we will combine them into one adventure. Doe Mountain is a flat red mesa that only rises a few hundred feet above the surrounding terrain, but its position as an isolated small mesa provides great views of the Dry Creek Basin. After we complete the Doe Mountain trail we will walk 0.8 mile to the Fay Canyon trail. On the Fay Canyon trail we will see interesting rock formations, red rock, beautiful canyon walls, and box canyons. The good canopy and cool canyon bottom make for an excellent hike. Some parts of the trail get rocky as it crosses old dry creek beds. One of the main highlights of the trail is the Fay Canyon Arch, a natural arch that stands halfway through the trail. From here, there are good views of the surrounding cliffs. Overall, this is a must do hike if you are in the area.

Leaders: Lynn Nebus, Michael Taylor, Mike Fry, TBD
We will have two groups going to Oak Creek – one earlier, the other later in the morning.
WEST FORK OAK CREEK CANYON – (M7A) 7.2 miles (out and back route) 750’ gain/loss
We will hike an out-and-back route along the first three and a half miles of Oak Creek, which is not surprisingly one of the most popular trails in the Coconino National Forest. You will look way, way up at towering red cliffs framed by green trees, and along the rippling creek you will see red autumn leaves floating in clear reflecting pools. There will be several stream crossings (on strategically placed stepping stones), so you will want to bring trekking poles. Join us in a photographer’s paradise! 

 Leader: Kris Watkin
Assistant Leader: Margaret Elizondo
- (M10C) This hike has two overlooks, the first into Sterling Canyon and the second over Sedona. After an ascent of approximately 2200 ft in 3 miles, we are atop the Wilson Mountain Mesa.  About 1 1/2 mi to the north is the overlook of Sterling Canyon, and 1/2 mi to the south is a view of the Sedona area with great views of the red monuments such as Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. 

Space: Limited to 47 participants (including leaders and assistants)

Cost: $265
Registration Opens: August 3, 2022 at 6 am
Pre-trip Meeting: September 14, 2022 6:15 pm on Zoom
Departure: September 28, 2022 at 8:30 am
Return: October 2, 2022 at approximately 8:00 pm
For more information: Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the trip coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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