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Yosemite National Park

August 17-21, 2022

Our trip features a number of trips in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is home to fabulous granite faces, majestic domes, and striking peaks standing above expansive green meadows. Beautiful, glacier-filled lakes offer refreshing afternoon dips and create rushing streams and spectacular waterfalls. It is one of the finest of our national parks. John Muir called Yosemite "...the grandest of all the special temples of Nature I was ever permitted to enter." Join us as we explore the less crowded areas of this temple north of the Valley.

We will be offering several backpacking trips of varying degrees of difficulty.  We will travel in a chartered, air-conditioned bus. Participants must provide their own meals and camping equipment.  Please check the information under the resources tab for more information about what to bring. Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation and information about an optional pre-trip meeting to meet your leaders and ask questions (highly recommended for first-timers). A hand-out will also be available with suggestions about what to pack, weather, safety tips, etc.  Please check out the documents found under the Resources Tab for more information.

Trip 1
Polly Dome Lakes Glen Aulin Backpack
Leader: PJ Jeffery, Assistant Leader: Kris Watkin
Trip Rating: M6C
Event capacity = 3
# of back pack days = 3, # of back pack miles = 15, # of dayhike miles = 16+ (optional)

On Thursday our 3-mile backpack roughly parallels Murphy Creek. We will climb about 600' through shaded Lodgepole forests with abundant wildflowers and cross large granite slabs before a short, cross-country trek to our camp site next to shallow Polly Dome Lake (elevation 8775'). After setting up camp, we will head off to May Lake (elevation 9270' 10 miles, +/1200 feet). Friday we will pack up and head over to Glen Aulin which is Gaelic for "Beautiful Valley" (elevation 7900'); crossing Cathedral Creek and making a stop at McGee Lake before heading to the beach at White Cascade for a swim. (6 miles, +340', -1200') Saturday we will enjoy the grandeur of the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne on our leisurely hike to California Falls, Le Conte Falls, and Waterwheel Falls while enjoying ample opportunities for basking in the sun and swimming. (6 miles, +/- 1600') Sunday we will get an early start for our hike out on the PCT following the Tuolumne River to Tuolumne Meadows (6 miles, +1000')


Trip 2
Porcupine Creek to Tenaya Lake Backpack - North Rim of Yosemite Valley
Leader: Mike Fry, Assistant Leader: Tanya Ingorvate
Trip Rating: M6C
Event capacity = 9
Number of Backpack Days: 4, Number of Backpack Miles: 20 Number of Day Hike Miles: 2 miles (optional)

See Joe's Guide to Yosemite:
There are many outstanding views from the North Rim of Yosemite Valley, and this backpack visits 5 of them. Total backpack mileage is 20 mi.
Total elevation gain/loss is -3300', +3620'. Total day hike miles = 2 mi. Thurs, August 18, Backpack 4.5 mi from Porcupine Creek to North Dome,
+800' -1400'. Camp near Royal Arch Creek. 0.5 mi day hike to North Dome and amazing view of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley. Fri, August 19. Backpack over Indian Ridge and down to Snow Creek, 6 miles, +700', -1400'. 0.3 mi dayhike to Indian Rock and the only natural arch in Yosemite. See one more magnificent view of Half Dome. Sat, August 20. Backpack 5 mi and camp west of Hidden Lake, near Snow Flat Creek. +1800' . See outstanding views of Cloud's Rest from Mt.Watkins. Visit historic Snow Creek cabin. Sun, August 21. Backpack 4.5 miles to Tenaya Lake, -500', +420'. and meet our bus.

Trip 3
Eagle Peak/El Capitan
Leader: KH Chong Assistant Leader: Sharon Young
Trip Rating : M7C
# of backpack days: 4, # of backpack miles: 21 # Dayhike miles: 11.5 (optional)
Event capacity: 6

This backpack trip will be visiting and viewing some of the top Yosemite highpoints such as El Capitan, Eagle Peak, Yosemite Falls, North Dome and Half Dome. First day backpack will be just 5 miles of steady descent to Cascade Creek. After finding our campsite, we have an option do an off trail 5 mile out and back scramble to check out the Twin Falls of Cascade Creek. On day 2, we will continue our backpack trip with a 1500’ ascent over 3.5miles before arriving at our 2nd night campsite at Ribbon Creek. We can then go on a 3 mile out and back day hike to the summit of El Capitan. The 3rd day will be our longest backpack day with a 7 mile backpack with viewing stops at Eagle Peak and Yosemite Falls. We will arrive and look for our final night campsite at Lehamite Creek. We can do a 3.5 mile out and back day hike to North Dome for views of Half Dome. On the last day of our trip, we will break camp early for a 4 mile backpack out to catch the bus home at Porcupine Creek trailhead.


Trip 4
Ten Lakes to Polly Dome Backpack
Leader: Monica Elrod, Assistant Leader: Lynn Nebus
Trip Rating: H7D
Event Capacity: 8
# of backpack days: 4, # of backpack miles: 23, day hike miles: TBD

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. John Muir said, “Walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the mountaineer… Nature's peace will flow into you … while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” That pretty much sums it up for me.
Day 1, from Yosemite Creek Trailhead we will hike 6.5 miles through pine forests, across creeks and meadows, up 2300’ past granite outcroppings to our first campsite. Day 2 we will do a leisurely 5.5-mile hike along shimmering lakes, through a mountain pass, following the south fork of Cathedral Creek until we reach our camping spot. Day 3 we will continue our 7-mile hike among granite peaks, across meadows and granite slabs to camp along Murphy Creek. We will visit beautiful Polly Dome Lakes, one of the best kept secrets in Yosemite. Day 4 – Break camp and hike the 4 miles down to Sunrise Lakes TH, where we will catch the bus.


Trip 5
Waterfalls and Swimming Holes of Yosemite’s Grandest Canyon
Leader: April Armijo, Assistant Leader: Sussi Yamaguchi
Trip Rating - H10E
Event capacity = 5
# of backpack days 4, # of backpack miles 33

John Muir described the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne as “quintessential Yosemite”. Traversing this spectacular canyon from White Wolf to Tenaya Lake begins with a steep descent on Day 1 into Pate Valley to camp beside the roaring Tuolumne River with its famed swimming holes, surrounded by lush trees and meadow. The roughly 3800’ descent over 10 miles paves the way for the next three glorious days as we gradually climb in the footsteps of John Muir, enjoying almost a dozen waterfalls including Waterwheel, Tuolumne, and Le Conte, while gazing at steep glacially carved granite walls from within Muir Gorge. Our second and third nights will be spent in the vicinity of the multiple falls and Glen Aulin with ample time to hike and explore.
The temperatures in the Canyon are usually much warmer than in the High Sierra, ideal for swimming or enjoying excellent fishing for fishers carrying a rod and valid California fishing license. The leaders love swimming. We will be stopping frequently to jump in waterholes. If you don't like stopping for swimming this is not your trip! We will have a moderate hiking pace.
The distance we travel each day will be determined by group interest, weather and available campsites. It is possible that a day or two may exceed 10 miles and 2500 feet of elevation gain. So, if you are a strong hiker who has recently demonstrated the ability to thrive on a trip of similar difficulty please sign up. If in doubt, please contact the leader with questions.

Event Capacity = 19

Visit our Trip Rating System to determine which Backpacking Trip is right for you.

Space: Limited to 47 participants (including leaders and assistants)

Cost: $255
Registration Opens: June 18, 2022 at 6 am
Pre-trip Meeting:  August 9, 2022 - at 6:15 pm, Zoom  meeting
Departure: August 17, 2022 at 12 noon
Return: August 21, 2022 approx. 9 pm

For more information: Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the trip coordinator.

Explore, enjoy and protect the planet